Dyers Association has banned the import of Chinese clothesPunjab Dyers Association recently met representatives of Union Ministries of textiles, and industries and commerce, and raised the issue of unrestricted dumping of fabrics imported from China. They said the import duty on the Chinese fabrics was too less and unfair to the domestic market. They demanded a minimum import price on the fabric being imported from China to give a level-playing field to the domestic industry. The delegation said fabric worth Rs 400 per kg was being imported with under value at Rs 40-50 per kg. They informed officials of the two Ministries that Govt. is suffering huge losses due unrestricted dumping of fabrics from China. Bobby Jindal, leader of Punjab Dyers Association, said unfair dumping of fabrics was causing losses to Indian textile industry. He pointed out that this practice had created immense pressure on domestic players, jeopardising jobs, revenue, and production capacity.