Denim giant Levi’s is expanding its use of plant-based indigo dyes in the latest collection of its ‘WellThread’ series of products which claim reduced environmental impact. The fall/winter 2022 WellThread collection features new denim developed in partnership with US manufacturer Cone Mills which is made using the darkest natural indigo shade they’ve ever produced.

The natural plant-based dye is applied using techniques that require less water and fewer chemicals, according to Levi’s which says the collection is another step in its pursuit of sustainability.

“This season we’ve made great progress with our use of natural plant-based indigo. We’ve achieved a classic Levi’s indigo shade – a rich, dark, inky blue – proving that plant-based indigo solutions are capable of the reach and range we need for a brand as big as Levi’s,” said Paul Dillinger, Levi’s head of global product innovation.

“We use each new season of WellThread as an opportunity to show that design for sustainability doesn’t require a compromise in comfort, quality, or beauty.”

Levi’s says the major focus of its WellThread products is on using raw materials that lessen environmental impact – such as plant-based dyes and organic cotton. The new natural plant-based indigo denim is available in Levi’s WellThread garments including denim jeans and jackets for both men and women, as well as a western style shirt dress for women.

In addition, everything in the WellThread collection is designed to be recyclable with the back patch, red tab, zipper tape, stitching, embroidery and care labels all made from 100 per cent cotton. Levi’s says that by designing for full recyclability, it aims to keep more garments out of landfills and give them a second, or even third, life.