Responding to the monthly Trade Data for August 2022, FIEO President, Dr. A Sakthivel said that exports of $33.92 bn with a marginal increase of 1.62 percent, has been mainly because of the headwinds in global trade and the fact that inventories are very high across the world. Supply side disruptions due to Russia-Ukraine and China-Taiwan crisis and inflation plaguing almost all the economies as the purchasing power has also dwindled, affecting the off-take and thus the demand is also showing signs of slowdown. However, the demand for low-value products is increasing, helping our MSMEs, added Dr. A Sakthivel. FIEO President is also of the view that as buyers are moving from China, both as China is becoming costlier and less reliable with a zero Covid tolerance policy and as anti-China sentiments are gaining ground day-by-day, which itself is a very positive development in the medium to long-term.