Welcoming the announcement of the Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP) rates for the merchandise sector, Dr A Sakthivel, President, FIEO said that the much-awaited rates will help in easing the liquidity of the exporters, ensuring predictability and stability thus helping competitiveness of exports over a long-time horizon. He said that he expects the rates are quickly uploaded in the system so that exporters may generate their scrips instantly for utilizing the same either for duty free imports or transferring it to increase their cash flow. FIEO said that RoDTEP rates, which provides zero rebating of exports, are WTO compatible and thus will continue for long time until all the products & services are brought within the ambit of GST and embedded incidence is completely neutralized. The RoDTEP coupled with GST refund and Duty Drawback ensure that our export products do not contain any incidence of taxes and duties, added President, FIEO.