More than 2.5 lakh foreigners from 44 countries are reported to be working in Bangladesh. But what makes it worrying is that, as a Transparency International, Bangladesh study has said, most of them work here illegally. Yet what makes it further worrying is that foreigners employed here in both regular and irregular ways siphon off about Tk 26,400 cr a year, which deprives the government of Tk 12,000 cr in revenue. The study on the employment of foreigners in Bangladesh, conducted in April 2018–December 2019, says that this happens as most of the foreigners work here without work permits and most of them evade taxes. The actual figures of foreigners working illegally and the amount of money siphoned off, as the study says, could be much higher as reliable and institutional data are not available. Foreigners are employed in more than 20 sectors such as apparel and textile industries, government development projects, power plants, international non-governmental organisations, hotels and restaurants. The study further says that most foreign workers violate the visa policy by working but not taking permits and many of them hide their wages to evade income tax. In many cases, the organisations employing them do not make official mention.