The leader in blockchain + IoT, Waltonchain, and China’s high-end clothing brand, Kaltendin Product Centre has developed the WTC-Garment system, the world’s first blockchain-based high-end clothing authenticity traceability platform. It was introduced at the China Smart Retail Conference and Blockchain+ Technology Application Summit by Waltonchain.

The WTC-Garment system is the first public chain + IoT implementation project. It not only improves the efficiency of business operations of high end clothing retailers in manufacturing, logistics and store management through comprehensive smart solutions, but also provides an immersive shopping experience for customers.

The blockchain+ industry solution by Waltonchain presented at the summit marked not only the company’s determination to actively promote the application of blockchain, but also the gradual expansion of its ‘Cisco + Qualcomm’ application scope to become the ‘Google’ in the blockchain industry, said the company. Waltonchain is a business ecosystem with complete data sharing and information transparency. It is created through a combination of the RFID and blockchain technologies, which pushes forward the blockchain + IoT integration.