“The balance of this Pitti Bimbo is more than positive – says very satisfied Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine, – the data on the final turnout are positive, but above all the comments we collected from our exhibitors, who presented a total of 211 collections at this edition – considering that the show restarted a year ago with just over 70 collections at the Fortezza da Basso.

After the three days of the trade show, the number of buyers reached 2,100 visitors, of which about 850 from abroad representing over 50 countries. A total of over 3,000 visitors. Also for the trade show dedicated to kidswear an edition that exceeds expectations.

“The 15 foreign markets most present at Pitti Bimbo 95 were: Turkey, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Greece, Holland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, France, United States, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Russia.

“In the Fortezza, among the stands, there was great and widespread satisfaction – adds Napoleone – in the same wake of the desire to be there that we felt at Pitti Uomo, with some enthusiastic feedback: many exhibitors positively surprised by the international turnout and attendance – all the main European markets did well, Turkey and Middle Eastern countries did very well, the numbers from the United States and South Korea were good and, despite everything, some important Russian buyers also arrived – but above all from the quality of the buyers. They saw some of the best buyers in the kidswear world, motivated and willing to bring customers back to their stores and department stores, and who greatly appreciated the selection of collections, launches and special projects in the Fortezza, more and more oriented to tell the world of kidswear in a wide dimension, from design objects and accessories, to books and vintage.

Pitti Bimbo, held on its own dates, after two editions together with Pitti Uomo, has returned to reaffirm its role on the junior fashion market, and we are very confident for the evolution of the next editions.

“Finally, it is worth noting the great attention that Pitti Bimbo has received in the press and on social media, with almost 200 registered journalists, influencers and media operators, and around 15,000 interactions achieved by the trade show social media channels.

The new theme of the 2022 summer fairs

PITTI _ ISLAND is the theme of the 2022 summer editions of the Pitti Immagine fairs. A concept expressed by all the communication (ads, videos, and social media) curated by the creative director Angelo Figus and the Narente duo, Lucio Aru and Franco Erre, who have been entrusted with the entire visual part of the campaign. The production will also strongly characterize the set design at the Fortezza da Basso by the architect Alessandro Moradei.

The concept as a fixed point, an island is both a physical and spiritual point, especially for meeting and exchanging ideas. A concentrated area, a laboratory that experiments, multiplies, and diversifies. Land of discoveries, explorations, a visionary land that moves away from things to be able to identify them. In constant communication with the mainland, the island does not isolate itself, but engages in continuous exchanges of spirits and paths.

This exotic, urban and magical island will entertain and amaze you again. “PITTI _ ISLAND, the guiding theme of summer 2022, will be an imaginary island, in constant exchange with the world. A land of selected botany, a land with a friendly and open nature, a land that can be fun and reflective, a land for meeting and being together before everyone sets out on their own journey,” explains Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine. “It is a perfect metaphor for our shows and the goals we want to achieve with each edition, selecting the best creativity in fashion.” A special set for the campaign the creative partnership with Lucio Aru and Franco Erre, aka the Narènte duo (in Sardinian, the narrator), continues. They created videos and the advertising campaign for three Pitti Immagine fairs.

The chosen setting is magical, but not obvious, a place surrounded by water and vegetation, bursting with wilderness but also touched by humans. For Pitti Uomo, the island is a limited place for experimentation, reflection, and regeneration. For Pitti Bimbo, it becomes a Treasure Island, a place of adventure that brings children back to a sensory, playful, and shared experience.

Lastly, for Pitti Filati, the lush vegetation of the island becomes a raw material to be woven, to experiment with, and to rediscover the naturalness of the fabrics. “The creative work provided a stimulus for a reflection on the infinite possibilities of the concept of the island itself, on the opportunities that ‘discovering’ and ‘exploring’ can offer, and on the very meaning of the journey, the passage, and the mark we leave or want to leave,” say Lucio Aru and Franco Erre. “The intent, concerning the visual approach, was to tell a dynamic universe, a story that spoke of evolution, exploration, and curiosity. An overall image that was at the same time lyrical and earthly.” The set design at the Fortezza da Basso In the main square and the pavilions of the Fortezza da Basso, the PITTI _ ISLAND theme will translate into a new set design.

The basic idea is to use the campaign images in an architectural/installation manner. “The photos will acquire depth and perspective as they multiply in the planes and transparencies,” says the Creative Director Angelo Figus. “The real island, the location of the campaign, will dematerialize and recompose at the Fortezza, providing glimpses and views that are animated by the campaign’s models and protagonists, breaking from the landscape and mixing and communicating visually with visitors.

This showcase will create evocative natural scenarios for you to get lost in and photograph yourself, which will integrate into the campaign’s images that will bounce on social networks every day with new travelers discovering the new season”.