SIMA appeals Tamil Nadu CM to strengthen the proactive measures to sustain the competitiveness of the textile industry in the StateThe Textiles and Clothing (T&C) industry is the backbone for the Tamil Nadu economy as the State accounts 1/3rd of the Textile business of the country providing direct jobs to over 60 lakh people in the State besides fetching Rs.75,000 cr forex earnings and GST revenue to the tune of Rs.5,000 cr for the Government. The global recession is still ruling high due to various issues including the war between Russia and Ukraine, leading to shrinkage of the buying capacities of foreign consumers, thus impacting the volume of exports Orders? Factors like non-availability of quality cotton in required quantities, 11 percent import duty on cotton, high volatility in cotton price during the last two years and enforcement of Quality Control Orders for Synthetic/manmade Fibre raw material (PTA and MEG), fibres and filament/spun yarn are affecting the operations of the textile industry, forcing the textile manufactures to cut down their production rate significantly, specifically during the past one year, consequently eroding the global competitiveness and working capital of the spinning segment.