The innovation of new machineries to support sustainability endeavours
Sustainability-driven innovation goes beyond designing green products and synthetic process methods. It entails improving business operations and processes to become more efficient, with a goal of dramatically reducing costs and waste. It is also about insulating a business from the risk of resource price shocks and other competitive business advantages. At every stage of the textile production, vast amount of energy, clean water & chemicals are being used to process the textiles & apparels. In turn these processes generate air, water & soil pollution through untreated effluent generation & waste generation which place heavy burden on environment. So, it was indeed a need of looking other ways of innovations attributed to garment finishes.
Technological upgrading of processing equipment or innovating new machines are the keys to achieve sustainable textile production and so remain competitive. Some of remarkable innovations in technology have paved the way for sustainable production technologies, but there is huge scope further for all technology providers to upgrade technology which will help in economical production of the goods in sustainable manner!
But these Innovations require a new way of thinking. We must learn to think out of the box. Things invented else where that we have stripped down, made more affordable, replicable and more relevant to our conditions with great adroitness. This will certainly be detrimental and hamper the creation of sustainable and ebullient fashion industry. I would like to emphasis few products having serious flaws which are made qua fashion industry.