Manufacturers need an additional advantage to stand out. They need the flexibility to mix products that create innovative prints and finishes. Not all dyes and auxiliaries are compatible. In the production process, to overcome this obstacle the TANATEX team focused on the compatibility of TANAPRINT® MAXX with critical dyes and they did that by improving firmness. Better firmness makes print pastes more stable resulting in less nozzle clocking and in turn decreasing production stops. High-quality, bright-toned, and cost-appealing home textiles, is demanded by today’s textile customers. Those demands put pressure on manufacturers to speed up time to market on one hand, and to innovate prints and finishes on the other. That makes the choice of thickener a key decision in the valve jet printing process. The ideal thickener produces a beautiful result and is a flexible but reliable component throughout the manufacturing process. It has to yield high colour, frosting free prints, wash out effectively, store long and go further than ever to meet today’s manufacturer needs. TANATEX experts combined all of these requirements in TANAPRINT® MAXX: The ideal thickener that combines easy handling properties with print quality.