After a brief period of decline in textile and apparel exports, including handicraft exports, every month beginning May, June, July and October 2017, there is a turnaround in India’s textile and apparel exports, in November 2017. There has been a spurt in export of handloom products, readymade garments, cotton, silk and jute products, and carpets. India’s textile and clothing exports registered a 20 per cent increase in November 2017 over October 2017, according to data published by Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCIS). The 20 per cent overall increase in textile and garment exports is marked by an increase of 24 per cent in readymade garments, 24 per cent in cotton, 9 per cent in man-made textiles, 17 per cent in silk products, 28 per cent in handloom products, 11 per cent in carpets and 10 per cent in jute products, a Ministry of Textiles said.