Birla Century, a unit of Century Textiles & Industries Ltd., has become the first manufacturing plant in India to receive LEED & MIG certifications for sustainable textile production. To meet challenges ahead of textile industry like pollution, social responsibility, safe workplace, transparency in supply chain, avoiding use of toxic and hazardous chemicals and above all getting responsible sourcing to save our planet, we need to align with vision and mission of Government of India. Keeping clean manufacturing & Sustainable drive among world leaders and pioneers of Textile Industry in view, Birla Century is always committed towards safe & sustainable manufacturing.

Since its establishment in 2008, the Birla Century plant at Jhagadia (Gujarat) has consistently been a trendsetter for other textile plants; it is the first Manufacturing Project in India to achieve LEED v4 certification (Gold) as well as 2nd Manufacturing project to achieve LEED EBOM certification worldwide from USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

The Made in Green (MIG) tag (a web-based QR code system) by Hohenstein, Germany indicates that labeled textiles are not only tested for harmful substances but also manufactured in environmentally friendly, safe and socially responsible workplaces. The MIG tag offers visibility to every component of the production system and can be seen by brands / retailers / customers across the globe. Labeled products can be easily traced and tracked, and provides reliable Information to consumers who want to make more sustainable personal purchase decisions.

It is the first fabric manufacturing company in India to receive the STeP by OEKO-TEX® certificate for Sustainable Textile Production.The benefits of the certifications are protection of environment, socially responsible and safe workplace, efficient & prosperous textile value chain, total transparency, benchmarking of products, sustainable use of materials and resources and eco-friendly production.

Commenting on the certifications, President RK Dalmia said, “The OEKO-TEX endorsement is a testament to our commitment to sustainable production practices. It allows us to highlight our sustainability credentials to our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in a credible manner. For our customers in particular, this establishes a firm basis for placing more trust in us as a responsible textile producer.”

“Birla Century is committed to develop innovative products and processes that are safe for the consumer as well as the environment through product benchmarking, sustainable use of materials and resources, and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We have also decided to identify parts of our products with the MIG tag,” Dalmia said. “The STeP certification will establish a firm basis for placing more trust in the company as a responsible textile producer, The green certifications will provide further impetus to the company’s sustainable journey and help it stand out from the competition,” he added.