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How to produce accurate standard times and improving sewing methods

How it all started Few years ago we had the opportunity to build a system to establish standard times for the garment industry, this was caused by the continued problem of poor production planning, not knowing how well the company was performing, how efficiently we performed the various operations and what our status was in comparison to our competitors. We needed something that was easy to use simple and of course would produce accurate standard times. It had to be able to produce the best possible method of doing the operation and allow performance to be measured to see...

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Ethical Fashion by Clean Technologies

…to deem anything as “ethical” comes with a series of implicit values, cultural perceptions and sustainable thoughts. Because of the subjectivity in the word “ethical” make it more explicit by the term “sustainable fashions.” Sustainable means something that does not deplete through material extraction, does not exhaust through production and does not pollute through either of the above, and can act as the raw materials for a new product when it reaches the end of its life. Basically a circular economy of “cradle to cradle” production. From raw material extraction to the production of textile fibres, the industry’s upstream...

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2017-18 Budget proposals to benefit garments most

The textiles and clothing (T&C) Industry had not set much store in the Budget for 2017-18 with the Goods and Services Act (GST) about to be implemented from July 1 next. But it turned out that there are proposals in the Budget that seek to confer benefits on the garment sector making its operations economically viable. One of these is the reduction in the corporate taxes to 25 per cent for small companies with a turnover of Rs. 50 cr. This provision will cover a large number of garment units since the industry is mostly in the Small and...

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Making your fabric smarter – Unlock the true potential of sewn garment business

When the industry under purview amounts to a massive 20 per cent of the total industrial production of the country and accounts for one third of the total exports of the country,the significance of technological advancement and innovations in the said marketplace becomes all the more important. In the sewn garment industry, the importance of ensuring production of the garment with the least amount of fabric wastage calls for an extremely efficient technology implementation which can help in saving every possible mm of the fabric. In recent times, the awareness about the environment and saving it from any kind...

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How to eliminate inspection process in your manufacturing facilities?

Garment industry is becoming increasingly competitive by the day. To stay ahead of the pack, we need to ensure we can offer our customers the best possible quality in the least possible costs. To achieve this optimal cost and quality balance, we need to identify and eliminate redundant activities from our garment manufacturing process. One such redundancy is the fabric inspection system. The fabric is first inspected in the mill, and then again in our factory to ensure its quality. But do we need to conduct this inspection twice, or, can we trust our supplier for the quality promised...

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