Laser Bridge SL-10Service, Ethics, Innovation and Technology are the main goals that we at SEIT Elettronica have been pursuing for more than 40 years. SEIT has started its path in a small local environment producing machineries for eyewear, dental and other industrial fields. In a few decades, it managed to become world leader in the laser system and in medium and high frequency induction industry. What makes our company strong in the market is the care we have for our customer needs, our constant hunger for innovation and technological research together with the attention to details we pay in all our industrial processes. Within the laser sector, SEIT provides a highly tech and specialized range of laser machines for marking, cutting and for embroidery industry. Since its birth, SEIT has always taken care of the whole production cycle, from the design to the ultimate realisation of every machine. The synergy we have among the R&D, the mechanical and commercial departments and the enthusiasm for our job are the keys of our efficiency and leadership in the market.