West Bengal is the birth place of hosiery industry in India and has been maintaining its position as the hub of hosiery goods manufacturing and trade. The textile industry of Kolkata plays a significant role in the economy of the capital city of the State of West Bengal. Apart from that this industry even contributes to the industrial output, export and employment sectors of the city. As compared to the other metropolitan cities of India, Kolkata has got a lower cost of business operation. Apart from that what make the city’s textile industry flourish are easy access to profuse natural resources and suitable climatic conditions. The jute/ handloom sector has got a huge contribution to the industrial development of the city. Cotton industry, apart from contributing to the textile industry of Kolkata, has been playing an important role in the employment of the skilled and semi skilled personnel of the city. Kolkota is known for saris, dress material, kids wear and under garments. The State Government envisages developing West Bengal as a competitive textile hub by increasing its share from the current 6% to at least 12% in next few years and to fulfill this, many new apparel parks are under planning and policies initiatives are taken by the Govt.