High ratings for Bangladeshi clothing on the international marketThe apparel products of Bangladesh are being rated highly in Europe and North America despite the prevailing constraints attributable to high inflation with attendant recessionary trends in those markets. In fact, apparel products from Bangladesh have proved to be the best in terms of competitiveness given their quality and price when compared with those from China, Vietnam and its other major Asian competitors. Not surprisingly, going by the data provided by the Office of Textile and Apparels (OTEXA) under the US Commerce Department, in 10 months between January and October 2022, export of apparel products from Bangladesh saw its highest growth at 48.57 per cent compared to China and Vietnam. However, considering the volumes of apparel goods exported to the US market, China and Vietnam were still ahead holding the first and second positions followed by Bangladesh. But so far as the growth in the export of their apparel goods to the US market is concerned, China’s at 20.76 per cent, for instance, is evidently far below that of Bangladesh.