Designers often have multiple options when it comes to choosing a printing technique for a design. They consider the final outcome – such as how sharp the design will be, how durable it will be, how bright it will appear, and the texture and hand feel of the print. There are multiple ways to achieve a similar outcome, so cost is not always a consideration during the sampling stage.

However, as a designer you must consider which option will be most economical when it comes to bulk costs and production time. Print, block print, boutique print. Each printing method has multiple ways of application. Like – pigment print, discharge print, transfer print, khadi print etc. For example, if you are going to print light color on dark base then discharge print is always advisable. Discharge print also gives a soft hand feel. If you want a bright white print on dark base (black) color then you have to choose khadi print instead of other options but hand feel is harsh in khadi print.