In 2022, the Netherlands was the sixth-largest market for India’s apparel exports. Over the past two years, outbound shipments to the Netherlands have nearly doubled, representing a market share of 4.02 percent of India’s total exports of $16.238 bn in 2022.

During fiscal 2022-23 (April-March), the Netherlands emerged as India’s third-largest export destination, following the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

India’s apparel exports to the Netherlands increased 32.56 percent to $652.169 mn in 2022, up from $491.987 mn in 2021. However, this figure represents a 15.49 percent decrease from $455.161 mn in 2019, as trade slumped to $384.648 mn in 2020. The trade was noted at $436.352 mn in 2017 and $471.688 mn in 2018, according to market report.

In the past year, shirts were the leading apparel item exported from India to the Netherlands, totalling $123.332 mn, or 18.98 percent of total exports. Other notable exports included trousers and shorts at $105.788 mn (16.28 percent), T-shirts at $94.168 mn (14.49 percent), dresses at $80.847 mn (12.44 percent), baby wear at $45.952 mn (7.07 percent), and nightwear at $44.137 mn (6.79 percent).