Our editor, Arvind Kumar, in an exclusive interview with Matteo Forte – Product Marketing Manager of MS and JK (A DOVER Company)

What are the latest developments in digital textile printing technology?
Nowadays the keywords are sustainability and recycling. These are the goals to reach in all the stages of the textile production chain. There are different approaches to sustainability. In some cases, it is a pure marketing goal; in others, it is an imposition of the authorities’ ambitious sustainability goals and the consequence of the norms and rules settled to reach those goals. However, part of the textile industry believes and opts for a consciously sustainable production chain. Thus, all the latest developments are moving towards solutions granting energy-saving, water-saving, surface occupied for the production lines-saving, and finally, recycling and re-use of resources. All these best practices allow us to move forward to a more sustainable production chain. Moreover, now that pigment has evolved enough to provide high-quality results, the promises of digital printing are more and more within reach: a faster process, with the best achievable compromise between process and performance, an on-demand production with an amazing time to market, and a high level of personalization, with no need of scale economy and a lowered environmental impact. These are the reasons for the huge success of our Pigment Solution at the last ITMA.