Sanjay Jha, Director, Unix Stitchmachines Pvt. Ltd with Chen Tianlong, Chairman of Promaker

Zhejiang Promaker Intelligent Embroidery Equipment is one of fastest growing embroidery machine manufacturing company from China. Promaker determines to become the top embroidery machine factory in the world. It firmly believes that attitude decides everything, and only by focusing on the needs of customers it can make the best of its products and services. In India, the company is represented by Unix Stitchmachines Pvt. Ltd headed by Sanjay Jha.

Unix started working with Promaker in the year 2021 and within a short span of time sold 300 machine and now the company has become one of the leading embroidery machine providers in India. Looking at this Promaker recently invited him to visit the factory and discuss the future strategies for Indian market. During his recent visit the Chen Tianlong, Chairman of Promaker announced that from now onwards Unix will be agent for all India market. He was very happy with professional working of Unix team and their after sales service. To know more about the company and its further plans for India, Apparel Views Editor Arvind Kumar, interviewed Chen Tianlong, Chairman online. Given are some excerpts…..

Tell us more about Promaker
Promaker was founded in November 2016. A brand full of youthful spirit, a team full of talented people who have more than 20 years’ experience in embroidery machine industry. We believe that our mission is to create a sustainable intelligent embroidery machine to serve the new ecology and make continuous efforts for our customers. Our factory is very large, covering an area of about 13 FIFA standard football fields.

In order to ensure that every machine coming to customer from the factory has excellent performance, Promaker has always implemented the work policy of giving priority to prevention, and has carried out systematic technical training for employees. At the same time, it has continuously improved the production environment through 5S field management, performance management and quality closed loop management. We firmly believe that attitude decides everything, and only by focusing on the needs of customers we can make the best of our products and services.

Could you briefly explain your manufacturing setup?
All the body structure of Promaker are independently designed and made by ourselves. We control the quality of the front surface of the body structure, and use the marine anti-rust paint to spray on the body structure. We are using the same painting technology used by automobile industry. Machining business department has 98 sets of the most advanced precision machining center in the industry, more than 40 sets of various CNC machine tools, equipped with detector, mirror analyzer equipment, spectrum analyzer, tension machine, three coordinates measuring instrument etc., which ensure body structures have strict quality control from raw materials to finished products, ensuring high precision, zero defects of the key parts.

We have the largest body structure production workshop in our industry, owning a full set of equipments such as cutting, incision, welding, etc. Our employees go through professional training and holding senior welder certificate, control the welding material, groove angle, protective gas mixing ratio and other technical requirements strictly, which lets Promaker become the most steady high-speed embroidery machine frame.

During the making of frame and precision machining core spare parts, we set up various key designs such as installation and positioning holes, which can eliminate the error rate in manual operation and ensure the installation quality and progress, so as to achieve the one-time installation qualification rate of 100 percent.

We have a very advanced and professional embroidery machine production line, a complete process including Body Making – Shot Blasting- Body Cutting- Body Painting- Machine Assembling- Machine Testing- Delivery Inspection- Packing and Dispatching, and the maximum daily output could be 20 machines. Our production equipment is comprehensive and valuable. In the new factory we have invested $23 million to optimize our hardware. Promaker’s frame and spare parts are 100 percent completed in the precision machinery manufacturing workshop of our company which guarantee the quality of each machine from the source.

How has been your experience working with UNIX as your Indian agent?
Unix is a very professional agent of embroidery machine. He is a very good agent having vast experience working in the embroidery industry and always dealt with quality machine. He is very understanding; follow our style and working trend. He believes in capturing the market slowly and steadily, which we also believe in. Unix has its own unique opinions in technical discussion, market judgment and sales policy formulation, which is very much in line with our needs for agents and even beyond our expectations.

Which are your main markets and how important is Indian market for you?
For embroidery machines worldwide, India and Pakistan markets are very important. China is also there but 30 per cent of China garment and textile industry share nowadays is shifting to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar due to rising manpower cost in the country. After China, India is the 2nd largest market for us. Besides, Vietnam and Cambodia are also growing markets for us.

Now India is the largest and most important market among our exporting countries. Embroidery market is growing in India and Indian customers’ mindset is also changing as they are investing in big good quality machines instead of cheap machines. India is the most potential market right now and is very important for Promaker.

How has been the feedback for your products in India?
We got good feedback from our customers. We also get suggestions and worked upon them for further improvement and running machines as per their customised needs. The output of our machines is very high and the machines spare parts are of very long life that’s why customers don’t need to keep stock and change them frequently. That is why in a very short span of time we have got good share in Indian market.

What are your future plans for Indian Market?
Promaker aims to meet customer needs as much as possible. Develop different configurations of machines based on customer requirements and help customers to continue improving efficiency. To be in touch with customers to know their feedback about our machine, dealers services and if they are satisfied or not. We have the technology, we have the belief.

Which new machines you have launched recently?
Apart from regular updates on our existing range of machines, we have recently launched PROMAKER 41.6M’S ULTRA-LONG MACHINES and DOUBLE SIDE PROFESSIONAL CORIDNG. Right now focus is on bigger (longer) industrial embroidery machines. Taking constant innovation as the engine of developing, Promaker will provide more value-add products to customers with better service.

What about after sale service and spare parts?
We give them proper training every time we introduce a new machine or else they send their engineers to China for training and our engineers also visit India every quarter. Our agent is keeping enough stock of normal and important spare parts for our machines. They will take care of the business but we have to take care of the customer satisfaction.

How Promaker is different than other Chinese manufactures?
We are on customer’s side. We want our customers to get maximum benefit of our technology & experience. We strive for Highest Level of Stability of machine, which can only be achieved by high precision of each parts. High precision is achieved by well experienced R&D team under the guidance of our Chairman, Chen Tianlong, an engineer himself having more than 25 years of experience. He is duly supported by General Manager, Fang Diyong who is also an engineer with experience of more than 18 years.

High Precision + R&D leads to High Speed, Long Machine Life & better stitch quality thus ensuring high production & better rates for embroidery. Better machine life ensures Value for Money & lesser investment compared to our competitors. Our in-house made high quality parts & assembly system makes sure that there is minimum repair maintenance thus increasing production by minimizing downtime.

We made this factory because we wanted to make a brand in China which can be comparable with leading Japanese embroidery machine brands. We don’t want people to say that Chinese machines are of low quality, therefore our company attaches great importance to the machine quality. We use high quality raw material for making good quality products. A good quality machine will last longer and give value for money.

Where do you see Promaker after three years?
Now we can say that Promaker is the one of the most professional companies in China in embroidery segment. Promaker is the biggest factory in China and even compared to leading Japanese brands. Also it has the biggest manufacturing facility in the world. We have a standardized workshop for the whole indoor production of embroidery machines.

With the closer communication and deeper cooperation between Unix, the relationship has become more and more mature and strong. In the future, both sides will continue to explore new ideas and create new opportunities to promote bilateral cooperative relations, achieve win-win cooperation and common development. I believe we can win the trust of more and more customers in India. Promaker is a professional company and we have everything to make a good quality machine. We want to be among top embroidery brands in the world.

Sanjay Jha with Chen Tianlong, Chairman and Li Xiaorong, Director – Export

“We started working with Promaker in the year 2021 and sold 300 sets till now. After working with many embroidery machine manufactures in China the best thing I like about this company is their professional approach.

The reason behind our success is that they have state-of–the-art manufacturing facilities and R&D center to make the best quality embroidery machine. There is no doubt they make best machine but I like their professional working style and strategies, which are focused on customer service. There is proper testing of each machine before dispatch so that we don’t face any problem during and after the installation. They also provide all kind of samples as per customer’s requirements. We are getting many repeat order which shows the customer trust in Promaker’s machine backed by Unix efficient after sale service & support. In near future we are planning to expand our sales and service network to many more textile centers of India. We hope to touch new heights together in coming years.”

Sanjay Jha, Unix Stitchmachines Pvt. Ltd