Saurer Embroidery, Switzerland and Shiv Shakti Embroideries Pvt. Ltd. recently organised the grand opening ceremony of its “Embroidery Training Centre” at IMT Manesar, Gurugram on 15th December, 2017. Shiv Shakti Embroideries Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading providers of innovative, quality embroidery solutions. Since its inception, the company has continually supported its customers, has embraced efforts to produce finer work, and has constantly removed barriers that impede efficiency, resulting in products that have no equal in regard of quality.

The most important motivation behind the commencement of a new training centre was to give something back to the industry in addition to the need for skill development. Through the years a lack of understanding regarding embroidery and embroidery machines has been observed in export and buying houses. With the help of this new project in collaboration with Saurer, the company hopes to develop skills of such personnel. It hopes that this will lead to a more comfortable and efficient working environment through more technical knowledge of the overall working of this industry. The embroidery training centre offers various courses including basic course on embroidery, basic knowledge of embroidery machine, designing and punching course, technical course for machine maintenance, technical course for mill managers.

The Embroidery Training Centre and new schiffli machines was inaugurated by Chief Guest Darlie Koshi, Director General, IAM & ATDC, “With this initiative this group is on great path of value addition, which is a terrific idea that will include a larger no. of people. You are preparing higher level of skilled labour on these high level embroidery machines. We are looking forward to have a MoU with them for taking this further. Embroidery introducing schiffli embroidery as a value added programme, and add value to ATDC training systems and apparel industry in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Alwar and beyond. This will succeed a major step to make industry people think what more techniques could be used in embroidery.”

Another special guest at the event Gautam Nair, Managing Director, Matrix Clothing Ltd., said, “There would be two growth drivers in future and both of those are represented at this premise. These are Training and Technology i.e. wonderful Saurer systems, which is the world name in embroidery. As a garment manufacturer and exporter, I am very happy with this initiative that will help in boosting this industry’s growth.”

While speaking about the initiative Sanjay Bansal, MD, Shiv Shakti Embroideries Pvt. Ltd. said, “The primary initiative has been taken towards the beginning of a new era of embroidery. This training centre in collaboration with Saurer Swizterland is one of a kind which will cater to different verticals of the embroidery industry which is worth more than $15 bn. It could be the stepping stone towards our PM’s Make in India vision and help India to emerge as a global player in embroidery.

Adding to this Thomas Benzer, Head of Sales Saurer Embroidery, Vice President said, “As our next important step to cater the Indian embroidery industry, we are opening up this Training Centre. It was our dream from a long time to have a fullfledged and exclusive Training Centre, which can support the needs of technical know-how in all aspects associated with embroidery. I would like to personally thank our team in India and Shiv Shakti Embroideries for putting up their joint efforts for this important venture. We at Saurer, are highly focused towards the Indian embroidery industry and will continue to invest and support with our best, to uplift it to the global standards. I extend my best wishes to Rajesh Kapoor and Sanjay Bansal for their joint efforts to make this Training Centre a grand success.”

“Ever since we, at Saurer Embroidery started with our own set-up in the year 2015, there has been a foreseen requirement of a complete and dedicated training centre for embroidery in India. This requirement was shared by most of our customers as a prime need to improve the work culture in their plant. A well-trained work force is not only capable to provide quality production, but also equally contributes to other important aspects like cost reduction in terms of man-power, less material wastage, reduced rejections, more productivity and faster deliveries etc.,” said Rajesh Kapoor, Head of Operation India, Saurer Embroidery.

This facility is foreseen as an important step to improve the knowhow of machine operators in its customer’s factories to ensure that India is well equipped for the future. This training centre is equipped with Saurer’s latest state-of-the-art Epoca 7 machine of 5 yards execution and is now ready to offer the training for factory managers, machine operators, machines maintenance staff as well as training on its highly efficient EmStudio software, including punching. The company hopes that these courses will attract a lot of interest from industry.

Shiv Shakti was founded in 1997 by Sanjay Bansal. Since the very beginning it has been committed to meeting its customers’ needs and demands. This has led to Shiv Shakti capturing a significant share of the Delhi/NCR market while simultaneously making a name for itself for quality, commitment and efficiency. Having started with just one machine of 10 heads, it now has 3 units with over 2,000 heads and 7 frames of schiffli machines. After almost a decade, board member Vikash Gupta was brought on followed by Rajesh Gupta to further strengthen its hold in the market.

“We have been associated with Saurer since 2004. It has been 13 years and a great pleasure to have been working with them. With a dedicated team consisting of esteemed individuals like Thomas Benzer, Rajesh Kapoor, Anurag Sidh, Reinhold Sandholzer, Sumesh Sannan and many more, Saurer is wholly committed towards their customers,” said Akshat Bansal, Director, Shiv Shakti Embroidery Pvt. Ltd.

“The global apparel market estimated worth is a staggering $1.7 tr whereas the Indian textile industry estimated worth is $130 bn growing at a rate of 20 per cent per annum. Considering these statistics, there is a huge scope for growth and expansion and this training centre is just a small step towards it. We would like to appeal to all to take full advantage of this first of a kind embroidery training centre in the world. The most integral part of an organisation is the human resources. This is a platform where we can help such human resource to realise their full potential and courses that we offering are basic courses in embroidery, designing and punching, basic knowledge of embroidery machine and a technical course for machine maintenance,” said Akshat.

Some of the state-of-the-art machines used at Shiv Shakti Embroideries are the Swiss Saurer 4040HPE, the EPOCA-06 and the EPOCA-07. The latter two are top of the line machines which are exclusively used for mass production of lace, and sampling, respectively. These machines allowed the company to integrate every element of the Schiffli embroidery process into a tightly integrated application suite, which in turn resulted in customers being provided quality products faster and cheaper, without compromising on the quality.

Noticing the growing threat from Chinese imports, the founders were quick to rally and introduced big set up multi-head machines. These machines helped to churn out unique chemical borders and neck patches which could compete with the growing Chinese presence in the market. The company has gone beyond the usual elements of quality control and also chooses to focus on soft elements like personnel integrity, motivation, team spirit, and relationships. This leads to company employees and partners being satisfied and content, which results in them performing better, faster, and most importantly, happier than their counterparts.

(By Swati Sharma)