SIMA lauds exemption of Polyester StapleThe Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals) had issued Quality Control Order for Polyester Staple fibres, various filament yarns and spun yarn vide their Notification dated 15.04.2021 (effective date for implementation for the fibre from 03.07.2023 and for filament & spun yarn from 05.10.2023), thus mandating every user to purchase the raw materials only from BIS licence holders, both from the domestic and international markets. Though the domestic manufacturers of the said products have obtained BIS licence, the applications submitted by several foreign manufacturers are still pending before the BIS authorities for inspection and approval. This has severely affected the manufacturer exporters, who are the consumers of speciality fibres / filament yarns and spun yarns, as specified by the buyers especially the overseas buyers and global brands, the said raw materials not being manufactured in the country. This has disrupted the smooth flow and availability of MMF raw materials, thereby seriously impacting the export performance of the MMF value chain. Similarly, the QCO issued for Viscose Staple Fibre by the Ministry of Textiles had been affecting the entire VSF value chain, particularly the exporters. The industry has been consistently pleading the Ministry of Textiles and the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers to issue licence for all the applicants and at least exempt the manmade fibres and filaments used for only export purpose from the mandatory Quality Control Orders.