Much has been said and written about the dire need to make our textiles and clothing (T and C) sector globally competitive in the manmade fibre (MMF) segment. This is because our presence in the MMF-based garment segment is very limited, notwithstanding the enormous scope. Moreover, the usage of synthetic fibre is more than that of cotton which is the prevailing practice worldwide. The ratio is 60:40, whereas in India it is 43:57. The government recognises this stark reality, but has not initiated appropriate action in this regard. The 2017-18 budgets have provided no duty reliefs for MMFs. That would have helped the T and C sector to use more synthetic fibres for garment production and for export and reduce dependence on cotton, a natural fibre. The introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) has not helped. The rates for MMFs need a scaling down, atleast for yarns.