After a staggering 17 per cent decline in the April–June quarter, India’s textiles and clothing exports revived to witness a jump of 11 per cent in July due to favourable government policies and rupee depreciation. Data compiled by the DGCIS under the Union Ministry of Commerce showed total textiles and apparel exports at Rs. 196.36 bn ($2.86 bn) for July 2018 compared to Rs. 176.92 bn ($2.74 bn) for the corresponding month last year. Total textiles exports witnessed a jump of 15 per cent to Rs. 108.79 bn ($1.58 bn) for July 2018 versus Rs. 94.29 bn ($1.46 bn) in the comparable month of previous year. Moving in tandem, India’s apparel exports recorded a jump of 6 per cent to Rs. 87.57 bn ($1.27 bn) for July 2018 as against Rs. 82.63 bn ($1.28 bn) for the same month last year.