The Indian Textiles Ministry is targeting to double textile production and trade to $300 bn by 2025, according to its Textile Commissioner Kavita Gupta. With the domestic production of textiles at $110 bn and exports and trade at $40 bn, the country’s production of textiles at present is worth $150 bn. “We are targeting to grow this to $300 bn by 2025,” she said. To reach the target, the productivity and yield levels of both cotton and synthetic fibres will have to be stepped up. Cotton fibre production stands at 6.5 bn kg and synthetic fibres at 2.5 bn kg, taking the total fibre availability to 9 bn kg. This has to double to keep pace with the 2025 textile production target, she said, adding that the “Journey of cotton and synthetic blends would go hand in hand in the years to come.”