Caron Technology, an Italian excellence through the years had been specialised itself in the design and realisation of solutions for the cutting room for fashion apparel, furnishing and technical textiles, knowing how to answer to the most different requests. Today, the company is considered to be a reliable partner at an international level for all those companies looking for customised, strong and precise solutions, with innovative systems that are able to optimise the efficiency and performance.To know more about the company and its future plans, Apparel Views Editor Arvind Kumar interviewed Giulio Gallo, CEO of Caron Technology S.r.l. Given are some excerpts..

Please tell us briefly about your company? What is your current production capacity?

Thanks to more than 35 years of experience in design and production of fabric spreading and cutting machines for fashion apparel, furnishing and technical textiles, we are considered an international and relevant business partner:Proud of our fashion origin, we are grown with the padding sector companies, consolidating and exporting our know-how also in the technical fabrics. Our current production capacity is constantly growing. We produce an average of 18 machines a month (but we also got to 24 at peak times), including spreaders, loaders, drawing lines and single ply feeders.

What are the various technology solutions you are offering to apparel industry?

Every day the Caron’s Team works thinking for those who want to focus on a fluid and efficient production cycle, able to guarantee speed and perfection.Thanks to these cutting edge and price competitive equipment’s, exclusively made in Italy, we were able to succeed on the Italian and international market.Our product range includes spreaders, single ply feeders, spreading tables, loaders system, in addition to our assistance and spare parts services.

What were the latest innovations you showcased at recent Texprocess 2017?

There are great news this year! For the famous event Texprocess we worked hard for design and construction of the new spreader and loader and the planning department is working on the unwinding machine designed for technical textile at the moment.

The new automatic spreader is PUMA: With a modern design is born for combine technology and safety. The strong and compact structure guarantees fast spreading, thanks also to the new cradle with a unique belt, for both the materials: Light and elastic fabrics and heavier weight. Puma is compatible with industry 4.0, it can be connected with a pc or tablet by Wifi in order to transfer spreading data and control step by step production planning more over a remote support will be possible. We also presented “TITAN” a new loader expressly dedicated to our simple ply feeder it helps to load heavy fabrics from the floor to the cradle of the feeder.

Which are the various markets overseas you are catering? Which is the largest market for you currently?

Recently, we have strongly reinforced our foreign trade network, in particular we’re feeding various foreign markets: Europe, (Spain, Portugal and France) South America (Mexico), Israel and Bangladesh. We are already instead present in Poland, in the Eastern Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania) and in North and South America (especially Brazil).

What edge does Caron’s products has over its competitors?

“Innovation, Passion and Research are the heart of our work.”The most important value is the “tailor made” product’s concept: The strongest detail of our productive ability, an evident Italian excellence that draws, plans and “custom cuts” automatic machines for the world. From personalisation of the product to the direct relationship between manufacturers and buyers, Caron through the years had been specialised in planning and realisation of cutting room solutions for fashion apparel, furnishing and technical textiles, knowing how to answer to the most different requests.

How do you look at Indian and Bangladesh apparel industry? How potential are these markets for you?

As anticipated, in this moment we’re feeding various foreign markets, including Bangladesh through distributors with which we currently collaborate. We look at this industry with positiveness and we believe can be for us a great possibility of further professional growth. It is well-known also that the turn of business between Italy and Bangladesh amounts to around 1,2 bn and it still growing. Bangladesh is the second largest apparel exporter in the world and for this reason it’s a very attractive country for our specific business.

How do you plan to compete with existing leading brands already operating successfully in India and Bangladesh markets for quite a long time?

First of all, sure we will work at the undisputed value of Made in Italy. Made in Italy in the last 25 years has had an increasing role in the foreign commerce remaining a worldwide groundbreaking.The creativeness, the originality, the technology, the precision and the design of our products do the difference. And beyond that, other important value is the “tailor made” product’s concept: The strongest detail of our productive ability, an evident Italian excellence that draws, plans and “custom cuts” automatic machines for the world. Every day we are selling “solutions” and not only “products.”

What are the key trends do you see in technology adaptation evolving in apparel manufacturing in future?

In the last few years we have noticed that the demand required by the apparel manufacturing needs a technology that keeps up. IoT, industry 4.0 and 3D technology are changing very fast our apparel world, reducing the production time, and unavoidably increasing the data managed by the companies and increasing the speed of its diffusion within the company. Our machines must to be implemented on this scenario, giving to our customers the right speed (reducing time and errors) maintaining at the same time quality and reliability and giving back to the owner a series of information about his production.

How was last year for Caron in terms of business? What are the plans for the year ahead?

The Caron’s Business in 2016 increased for a 25 per cent, compared to the previous year. Contrarily to what happened in Europe from 2010-2016, our company was growing every year, slowly but it was growing, with the only exception of 2015 (at the same time a lot of companies closed or reduced the business). Today our turnover is +20 per cent of 2016 at the same period of the year and our plan is to close the year with +30 per cent. This percentage will also plan for 2018. We are approaching one country at the time, growing and consolidating the business for to move after to the next one..for a safe growth and a reliable service for our customers.