Gujarat is known as “Textile State of India” & “Manchester of the East” & “Denim Capital of India.” The State is a leader in textiles with more than 1,500 medium and large textile units. Gujarat textile industry contributes 25 per cent to the country’s manufacturing sector, 12 per cent to textile exports and has highest number of medium and large textile processing houses (over 600). Gujarat is the largest producer (33 per cent) and exporter (60 per cent) of cotton in India. Largest producer of denim (65 per cent) in the country and third largest in the world with a bn mtr capacity. It is the largest manufacturer of manmade filament fabric (38 per cent) and manmade filament fibre (31 per cent), 2nd largest manufacturer of cotton fabric, producing over 390 mn mtr per annum and manufactures 30 per cent of countries woven fabric. The State also has more than 4 mn spindle capacity.