Pichwai painting being a traditional and religious art form initially confined to the usage as the backdrop in Nathdwara temple, Udaipur, Rajasthan. The pichwai painting portrays the various life phases of Srinathji i.e. 7 years old god Krishna. The painting is executed with utmost devotion on cloth or paper using natural materials like coal, zinc, indigo, saffron, gold, silver in vibrant colour combinations using red, yellow, black, green etc. The different themes of pichwai painting revolve around Annakutpichwai, raasleela, Nand Mahotsav, Sandhya Arti, Gopasthmi, Morkutipichwai, Daan Mahotsav etc, significantly using lotuses, cows, trees, peacocks, gopis. Many art galleries like artisera, artzolo etc are selling Pichwai inspired wallart suitable for living rooms, work spaces, pooja rooms etc in different themes, and colour pallates customised to suit the taste of the modern consumer. However, to expand the value and to transcend the boundaries of regional usage, designers and artists have intervened with the Pichwai painting. This paper explores the designers’ and brands approach in taking inspiration from pichwai art into mainstream fashion in different ways.